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The Magic Universe is a compilation of MAGICAL EXPERIENCES!

Hi there! I’m “MagicBrad” and I am the curator of The Magic Universe. We’ve created this website to connect people to high caliber magical experiences. The contents of this website are strategically designed to attract group activities coordinators, event planners and fans of MAGIC to provide them with high quality magical experiences.

Our agenda here in The Magic Universe is to “put butts in seats” so that our magic venues are fully booked and our magical performers never have to perform to an empty room.

For Event Planners we offer unique ideas and resources to add a “Magic Theme” to your next event. We provide consultation and access to venues, performers, special effects, theme props, decor and MORE, to enhance your groups experiences of MAGIC.

For Group Activity Coordinators we offer resources such as magic theater venues, performers, suggested restaurants and group discounts to give your people a truly magical experience.

For General Public, you are welcome to participate in any of these magical experiences as well.

For Performers we provide you with promotion and early access to the key people that are in the active process of planning events and activities that might have the Magic Theme.

Questions, comments, ideas or suggestions, CONTACT US.